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TeirTime, an industrial 3D Printer manufacturer, set out to develop a quality 3D Printer range which was not only easy for anybody to use but created some of the best quality ABS prints available in the desktop 3D printer price range. The result was the UP Printer - one of the most popular 3D printers for its size and price. Constructed out of quality steel components making it suitable for manufacturing and bundled with smart software that simplifies the 3D print process to a couple of clicks (while still providing full settings control for the expert user) makes them a great choice for the home as well.

UP 3D printers come in a number of sizes right up to 255mm x 205mm x 205mm print capacity and feature smart technology to not only print at incredibly fine resolutions but make removal from support material and clean-up a breeze.

UP Mini 2

The next generation UP Mini, redesigned from the ground UP! 

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UP Box+

The flagship UP Box+ 3D Printer includes state of the art features like HEPA Filtration, WIFI and out of filament pausing.

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