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One of the advantages of 3D Printing has been the ability to manufacture 3D prototypes and low production runs quickly and affordably without the high cost of injection moulding. 3D Printed parts are no longer just for trinkets thanks to the advances in FDM 3D printing technology and material development. Through our Design & 3D Printing Services, we can help with your 3D prototyping or 3D print project with the perfect material for your application. Whether you need strength, high heat resistance or a smooth and glossy surface finish we have the printers & material for you!

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3D Printing isn't just for plastic trinkets anymore

Thanks to the advancement in 3D Printing materials and our strong relationship with innovative material manufacturers; we can offer a large variety of materials with diverse properties. We carefully discuss your project and application to recommend the ideal material. We only use high quality materials ensuring you receive the best quality product.

Available materials include:
Tough PLA
Tough PETG
Tough PC
Nylon CoPA (PA6 and PA6,6 copolymer)
Nylon 6 Fiber Reinforced (Glass or Carbon Fiber)

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