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Large Print Volume / Excellent material versatility / Heated Bed / On-line Camera / Activated Filter / PolarCloud enabled

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The FlashForge brand has been a staple in the 3D Printing industry for the last few years, offering users fantastic printing quality and reliability at an affordable price.

The Guider IIS is FlashForges new updated flagship 3D Printer designed to provide excellent printing quality, material versatility with a large build volume. The Guider IIS is equipped with FlashForges new innovative extruder design which provides a completely encircled air supply to elevate printing smoothness.

Compared to its predecessor, the Guider IIS is equipped with a brand new on-line camera, carbon filter and is PolarCloud enabled.

Build Volume

The FlashForge Guider IIS has a build volume of 280 x 250 x 300 mm (Length x Depth x Height), an excellent size for prototyping, small volume manufacturing, archutectual models, cosplay / prop making and education.


The Guider IIS is equipped with an on-line camera to help you monitor your print jobs wherever you are! 

Built to last

The Guider IIS follows its predecessor in its reputable structure. All moving parts are processed with immense precision to ensure stable print performance. With an all-metal frame design and body side panels made of high-stength ABS, the Guider II is also lightweight and durable.

Innovative Extruder Design

FlashForges new innovative extruder system encorperates an encircled air supply system to ensure excellent quality on overhangs around the entire model.

Versatile Printing and Open Filament System

The FlashForge Guider IIS has an Open Filament System allowing you to try your own choice of 3D Printing materials. Different types of 3D Printing materials have their own optimal printing conditions.  Higher temperature materials like ABS have a tendency to warp when cooled too quickly, while PLA and other low temperature materials curl and droop if printed too hot. The Guider IIS's enclosed design protects your prints from external environmental effects and drafts during printing.

For printing high temperature materials like ABS and PC, the Guider IIS is equipped with a heated build plate and a removable top cover that retains heat in the enclosure, keeping your models nice and toasty, a requirement for PolyCarbonate and ABS printing.

For printing low temperature materials like PLA and PolySmooth, printing with cooling and without the top cover is recommended. FlashForge developed a new innovative cooling system for the Guider IIS which completely encircles the part, drastically improving print quality of overhangs when compared to other machines on the market.

Activated Carbon Filter

The equipped activated carbon filter and backboard fan helps to remove printing odors ensuring a suitable working environment. 

Touch Screen

The Guider IIS is equipped with a 5-inch full-colour touch screen and multilingual user interface. The touchscreen can also preview printing models, excellent for identifying the part you need to print next.


The Guider IIS is PolarCloud enabled giving you the option to manage your 3D Printing from anywhere with an internet connection. You can connect and manage multiple printers at once, que print jobs, slice models, access unique educational curriculum and check how your print is going with the build in on-line camera.

FlashPrint and 3rd Party Slicer Compatibility

FlashForges own FlashPrint software is very easy to use so you can start printing right away! FlashPrint was designed with a simple and intuitive interface that makes 3D Printing easy for beginners whilst giving expert users access to more advanced control over the printer. Generating support material with FlashPrint is easy. FlashPrint automatically generates supports for you based on the models overhang angles. You can also add your own supports  to suit your model or remove unnecessary ones to save material. FlashForges Dendriform (treelike) supports allow you to print much more complex models, snapping off supports easily without damaging your objects.

Beginners can use FlashPrints presets and allow FlashPrint to take care of the rest and experts can access a wide range of paramaters like nozzle and bed temperature, printing speed, first layer thickness, retraction, support settings, variable layer heights, pause printing at height and more! Once sliced, FlashPrint provides layer-by-layer visualization, time and material estimates.

Control Connectivity

You can start your print job, pause, cancel, start assisted bed leveling, preheat the bed, load and unload filament right from the printer with the Guider IIS's 5-inch full-colour touch screen and multilingual user interface. The touchscreen can also preview printing models, excellent for identifying the part you need to print next. You can send files to the Guider II via WiFi, USB Stick, Ethernet or USB.

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