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PolyMaker are one of the leading 3D printing filament companies with a strong focus on innovation, quality and sustainability, in their pursuit of producing safe and clean materials for the 3D Printing Industry. Polymaker are becoming a market leader for quality and innovation in the growing filament industry.

With their R&D department, all of Polymakers materials are developed in house, ensuring products with only the best quality and most innovative materials. With a growing portfolio of unique materials and colours, we are sure there is a material that’s the right choice for your needs.

We stock all PolyMaker products in both 1.75mm and 2.85mm variants.

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Quality Control and Printer Compatibility

Polymaker’s eight step quality control process means Polymaker can guarantee only the best quality filaments that empower our customers to create strong functional and fun 3D printed parts with filaments safe for home, education and work environments.

PolyMaker have their own dedicated testing department with a vast array of 3D Printers to ensure their products are compatible with all/most printers on the market.

What is the 8 step QC process?

PolyMaker Filament Range

The entire range of PolyMaker Filaments in Australia

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Revolutionary post processing machine to dramatically improve the appearance of your 3D Printed Parts!

The Polysher is a post-processing machine dramatically improves the surface finish of your 3D printed parts with a smooth and glossy surface similar to that of an injection moulded part. Developed alongside their new PolySmooth filament, the Polysher was designed with a focus on safety, and ease of use. All electronics inside the Polysher are sealed ensuring no spark can be generated inside the machine. So how does it work? To be technical, the Polysher generates a fine aerosol (microdroplets) of Isopropyl Alcohol. These microdroplets land on the PolySmooth part and begin smoothing the outer layer. 

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PolySmooth PVB

The first ever material developed specifically for layer free post processing. PolySmooth features ballanced mechanical properties, low printing order, easy to remove support material and excellent warp free characterists. Most importantly, PolySmooth is compatible with Polymakers Polysher (sold seperately) a post processing machine that safely and dramatically improves the surface finish of 3D Printed parts with Isopropyl Alcohol.

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PolyMax PLA Filament

A supercharged PLA with the mechanical strengths associated with ABS.

PolyMax is 9 times stronger than regular PLA and is 20% stronger than ABS. With even more benefits such as PolyMakers patented Jam-Free technology, printer compatibility, almost no warping, no harmful odour and in many cases even better mechanical properties. You can be certain you will achieve high quality prints with PolyMax.

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PC PolyCarbonate Filament

Super strong prints with great heat reistance when printing with PC-Plus and PC-Max

PC-Plus is PolyMakers new polycarbonate based 3D printing filament designed specifically for desktop FDM/FFF 3D Printing! PC-Plus offers users fantastic mechanical strength and heat resistance for 3D printed parts, with moderate printing temperatures and great warping resistance.

PC-Max is an advanced Polycarbonate based filament. Boasting excellent mechanical strength, heart resistance and high printing quality. PC-Max is an ideal choice for engineering applications, offers excellent impact strength and fracture toughness!

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PolyFlex Flexible Filament

A unique easy to use flexible filament that opens up the applications of your 3D Printer

PolyFlex is a unique 3D Printing material developed to be easy to print and highly flexible. Featuring a “Shore A” hardness of 90-95A and a large strain-to-failure of over 400%, PolyFlex is go to choice that opens up the applications of your 3D Printer!

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PolySupport Filament

Support your structures with this easy to remove support material

PolySupport is a material specifically designed to be an easy to remove Support material. PolySupport can be used on both dual and single-extrusion printers as either the support material and model material (single extrusion) or as a dedicated support material (dual extrusion).

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PolyWood Filament

Print without the nozzle jams and hassles most wooden filaments bring

PolyWood is a first of its kind wood like filament. All other wood-like 3D Printer filaments use a blend of polymer and chopped wood powder. PolyWood is unique as it uses no real wood! This eliminates the risk of nozzle jams common amongst other wood filaments. PolyWood is also 35-40% lighter than normal PLA, great for lightweight applications!

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PolyMaker Packaging

All PolyMaker filaments are packaged with a Vacuum sealed bag with a resealable opening and desiccant bag to reduce moisture, an instruction sheet to help get you started and a filament clip to prevent your filament from becoming entangled.

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