PolyMaker PolyWood Filament

Print without the nozzle jams and hassles most wood filament brings

PolyWood is a first of its kind wood like filament. All other wood-like 3D Printer filaments use a blend of polymer and chopped wood powder. PolyWood is unique as it uses no real wood! This eliminates the risk of nozzle jams common amongst other wood filaments. 


A different 3D Printing Wood Filament

PolyWood is not like your typical wood mimic 3D printing filament. All existing wood mimic 3D printing filaments are based on blends of polymer and wood powder. This method can lead to nozzle jams and issues when printing. PolyWood is developed using a unique foaming technology that delivers a material that mimics wood structurally! That’s right, Polywood is composed entirely of Polymers, so you can have excellent print quality without the risk of those nasty nozzle jams.

35-40% lighter than regular PLA

PolyWood is a first of its kind 3D Printable foam material. Its density is on average 0.8 g/cm³, which is 35-40% lighter than regular PLA. Not only does this mimic the light weight nature of natural wood, this leads PolyWood to be used for a variety of potential applications such as light weight structures, drones, membrane, damping devices and with PolyWoods post processing potential, watertight models.

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