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UP Mini 2 3D Printer

The UP mini 2 is designed to be an enclosed desktop 3D Printer with a strong durable steel structure. Its design helps prevent children from hot parts of the 3D Printer, a great feature for the home and education sector. The UP Mini 2 also has a heat retention chamber, great for minimising warping when printing in ABS. The UP Mini 2 features a touch screen and WIFI support providing a better 3D printing user experience. The UP Mini 2 also features a HEPA filter which is great for minimising the fumes released when printing in ABS.


UP Plus 2 3D Printer

Manufactured with a rigid steel structure, the UP Plus 2’s open chassis allows it to have a small foot print to fit perfectly on your desk. The UP Plus 2 is fitted with high precision linear bearings, so it’s printing quality and reliability is comparable to industrial printers.


UP Box+ 3D Printer

The UP Box+ is the largest of the UP Printers, and is manufactured with a steel chassis and plastic casing. Like the UP Mini 2, the UP Box+ features an enclosed design, its design helps prevent curious kids and carefree adults from hot components on the printer. Its heat retention chamber also helps retain heat inside of the printer to minimise warping when printing large objects from materials like ABS and the UP Box also features WiFi connectivity, resume from power outage and a HEPA filter which is great for minimising the fumes released when printing in ABS.

UP Mini 2
  • Build Volume - 120 x 120 x 120mm (L, D, H)
  • Finest Layer - 150 um / 0.15mm
  • Open Source Filament
  • Heated Platform
  • Automatic calibration, WIFI Support & Touch Screen Control
  • Heat Retention Chamber
  • HEPA Filter
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UP Plus 2
  • 140 x 140 x 135mm (L, D, H)
  • 150 um / 0.15mm
  • Open Source Filament
  • Heated Platform
  • Automatic calibration
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UP Box
  • 255 x 255 x 205mm (L, D, H)
  • 100 um / 0.10mm
  • Open Source Filament
  • Heated Platform
  • Automatic calibration & WiFi Connectivity
  • Heat Retention Chamber
  • HEPA Filter
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Why UP 3D Printers ?

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Accurate 3D prints with fine detail out of the box

Best 3D Print Quality at an affordable price!

The UP 3D Printer range produce fantastic quality prints without many of the hassles associated with 3D Printing. The UP 3D Printers deliver quality 3D Prints right from the box without having to spend hours carefully tuning your printer. The ease of use and set up has made the UP 3D Printer range Australia number 1 selling 3D Printer, especially amongst our education and business customers. UP 3D Printers are built with high quality parts so your printer stays calibrated for longer with minimal maintenance.

Tiertimes flagship printer; the UP Box, is capable of printing fine parts with a layer height of 100um / 0.1mm and the UP Mini 2 and UP Plus 2 can print with a finest layer height 150um/ 0.15mm.

A build volume to meet your needs and desires

The UP Box has a staggering build volume of over 10.7 litres!

The smallest in the UP Family, the UP Mini 2 is a powerful machine that packs a punch with a build volume of 120 x 120 x 120mm. The UP Plus 2 expands on the UP Mini 2's build volume, capable of printing 140 x 140 x 135mm. and the flagship UP Box is capable of printing objects 255 x 205 x 205mm (L x D x H), thats over 10.7 litres! 

If your needs exceed the UP printers build volume, there are a variety of effective techniques to join 3D printed parts. Our 3D Printed Guitar was printed on the UP Box in four parts and joined together using a combination of friction welding and glue to make seemless joins!

3D Printed Guitar

Automatic Calibration for your 3D Printer

Spend more time printing with less hassles!

Using an 3D Printer is easier than ever with automatic calibration. The UP Mini 2, UP Plus 2 and UP Box all feature fully automatic platform levelling and fully automatic platform height detection help cut down on set up time, so you can spend more time printing.

You can still calibrate your machine manually if you wish which is incredibly easy. We recomend spending a minute or two to manually calibrate your nozzle height once in a while to keep your machine tuned and maintained.

Powerful Software allowing Automatic Support Structure and Easy Print Clean-up

UP software is simple to use, feature rich, fast and free. Its easy enough for rookies and versatile enough for gurus.

UP Printers use their own smart slicing software which helps make 3D Printing a worry free affair. No matter the complexity of your 3D Model, the free UP Software automatically calculates where support is needed and generates supports that can be peeled away easily. Open any STL file with the UP Software and start printing with an easy to use interface suitable for all ages!

You can design your own STL files with free and easy to use programs like FormZ-Free and Sculptris, or download and print from thousands of free and legal STL files uploaded by the community to websites such as and

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Print your choice of industry standard plastic printer filament!

Open spools, open choice! You're not locked into overpriced filament cartridges.

Unlike some of the other major 3D Printer brands, the UP range of 3D Printers don't lock you into using the manufacturers filament cartidges! Cartridge filaments are generally more expensive than open source spooled filaments and cartridge printers limit your choices. With the UP Printers you are not locked into an anti-consumer business model from the 90's. You can print a variety of different materials whether it be genuine or 3rd party spooled plastics. ABS, PLA, PolyCarbonate, Carbon Fibre, Flexible and even woodlike filaments, the UP range can do it all!

Every UP 3D Printer comes with a roll of UP Genuine ABS, which is a fantastic high quality ABS material manufactured by Tiertime. Tiertime discovered with their industrial grade printers that printing ABS at a higher temperature provides a better and cleaner print with support material that is easier to remove. UP Filament was designed with this discovery in mind. The higher printing temperature produces fantastic 3D Prints and we have even heard of our customers using UP Filament on other 3D Printers with up to 80% improved quality!

3D Printer Filament Range

Local Support and 1 Year Warranty!

Local Backup and Support

We're a local Australian retailer with a great support service. Our satisfaction comes from the success our customers have. If you have any questions feel free to call us or drop us an email, we're always excited to talk 3D Printing!

Every UP Printer comes with a 1 year warranty, if your printer is out of warranty and you experience issues you will still be able to receive repair and parts for your printer at a nominal charge.

Drop us an email or give us a call!

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The perfect ensemble for the hobbyist, the student / teacher and the professional!

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